DX-Cluster Mendicino (CS) IW8PGT-9
DX-Cluster IW8PGT-9 Mendicino (CS) - ITALY
DX de 9Z4Y: 14074.0 FK8GX FT8 320406Z
DX de R7NK: 21013.0 D68CCC tnx QSO 390407Z
DX de R4AN: 18140.0 D68CCC tnx QSO up5 390407Z
DX de W3LPL: 7070.0 HZ1TT RTTY Heard in MA 210407Z
DX de W6GRO: 7156.0 K6AAI 30408Z
DX de N4MIT: 1826.5 VP6R UP 1 loud in WV 320405Z
DX de YL3AJT: 3522.0 R2RT TNX QSO! 599! 73! 160405Z
DX de RV3EFP: 3573.0 R1AV FT8 +2 dB 1434 Hz 160405Z
DX de RM9RZ: 18140.0 D68CCC up5 fb ciao, gl ww test 390405Z
DX de R2RAK: 7085.0 R9IG tnx QSO 180404Z
DX de W6GRO: 7156.0 D68CCC 390405Z
DX de 4Z5ML: 14019.0 D68CCC up / loud here 390403Z
DX de KA5TCF: 7156.0 ZS6CCY 59 in Dallas 380403Z
DX de KB1JDY: 7185.0 5K0K 5-up in Ct tnx 70403Z
DX de LZ1ASP: 7120.0 LZ311HI 200403Z
DX de UR8MH: 144174.0 R5WM ko72<TR>kn98ew 160403Z
DX de PE5O: 7074.0 J6/AA4FL FT8 80403Z
DX de RM9RZ: 14019.0 D68CCC up1 tnx 390402Z
DX de UA9AX: 18140.0 D68CCC up5 390402Z
DX de UT5ERP: 144174.0 UT6LX FT8 -8 dB 1707 Hz 160401Z
WCY de DK0WCY2019/10/23 0418ZSFI=66A=8K=2expK=1R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2019/10/22 0318ZSFI=65A=7K=2expK=0R=0SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2019/10/22 0218ZSFI=65A=7K=2expK=2R=0SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WWV de VE7CC2019/10/23 0318ZSFI=66A=3K=1No Storms - No Storms
WWV de W0MU2019/10/23 0018ZSFI=66A=3K=0No Storms - No Storms
WWV de AE5E2019/10/22 2118ZSFI=66A=4K=1No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de OH4SS0139ZVU7RI 7056 FT8 Only CQ, No RX. Better to go home.
To ALL de SV5FRI-10000ZSV5FRI-1 DXCluster: telnet dxc.sv5fri.eu 7300
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